Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 1-6 WholeWhitney

So, I started my whole eating. I want to share some stats.

On Day 1

I am 27 years old.
I weigh 248lbs.
I am 5'7"

Arms: 17.25 in
Waist: 48.42 in
Hips: 41.33 in
Thighs: 33.85 in

I was pretty bad on my first 3 days because I didn't eat breakfast. I had coffee and water in the morning. for lunch I had two eggs and two handfuls of almonds and on Thursday and Friday I had 4 bites of cantaloupe with my lunch.

Day 1: Wednesday night I went to gym with my BF after work, walked on treadmill for 2 miles then did all the weight machines they have in there. I planned to make chicken wings from the organic wings I got from Costco for dinner.. until I got home and realized they were full size drumsticks.. so we had buffalo drumsticks. they turned out really, really good. I made them with franks red hot and ghee. I also attempted to make a Thai curry drumstick (like buffalo wild wings.) using coconut milk, ghee, curry powder, cumin and salt. that one was not too bad either. I will probably try that sauce on chicken breasts. or kabobs. I had celery on the side. I made "ranch dressing" out of home made mayo. I call it "ranch dressing" because it was mostly garlic mayo... with some random spices added probably some Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute. I made that batch of mayo with no lemon because I forgot to get one at the store, and I used apple cider vinegar instead. There are recipes for real ranch dressing AND mayo here. I made my mayo this way though.


Day 2: Thursday night went to gym with BF after work,  rode stationary bike for 15 minutes, did 10 squats, and did the leg machine for as much weight as I could handle . For dinner I made spaghetti, I made regular pasta for my boyfriend and spiralized zucchini noodles for myself.  We were going to share the spaghetti sauce I had just made from scratch until I realized that organic tomato sauce from Costco has added sugar! So I gave him that sauce and improvised for myself. I found a jar of red bell peppers in olive oil from Trader Joes. I cut up half the jar and added some organic tomato paste from Costco (ingredients are "Tomatoes") and some coconut milk. It was tasty!

Day 3: Friday, I started to get a cold so I didn't go to the pool like I had planned. I did 20 squats in the living room though. I made taco meat with ground beef which I had planned to wrap in lettuce, but the lettuce head we had was all tangly and curled up, so I ended up making a taco salad with some Veronica's Salsa in picante Veronica's is local, and they don't even have a website :(.

Day 4: Saturday I slept off and on the entire day. I got up to make breakfast. I tried to make scrambled eggs and a zucchini hash brown thing.. but zucchini doesn't really crisp up it mushes.. it tasted great mixed with my eggs though. I had left over zucchini noodles with black olives and added some of the "ranch dressing" I made to go with my celery on Wednesday. My boyfriend suggested we go to Chang's Mongolian Grill which is a place we used to eat at ALL the time when I was eating Paleo. You grab a bowl, OR TWO and fill them with the raw meat and veggies and seasoning of your choice and then stand in line and they cook it for you. I got one huge bowl of beef, chicken and lamb and the other one I got bean sprouts, carrot, yellow onion, mushrooms, jalapeƱo, pineapple and sauces I added, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, salt water. you can go back into the line for more as many times as you want. I felt full after my first plate, actually about three bites away from finishing my first plate (I finished it anyway). I had just read about that satiety thing in It Starts with Food, so I was pretty excited.

Day 5: Sunday morning I tried to weigh myself when I woke up.. I know I am not supposed to do that for a whole month.. well, my scale told me NO as the battery had died. Divine intervention?.. I made 12 egg cups for breakfasts this week with egg, a little salt, some Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute, and some cut up asparagus. I had two for breakfast.  For lunch I had some broccoli slaw with watered down "ranch dressing".. for dinner I made cumin lime chicken kabobs on the grill. I ventured out to whole foods near our house and picked up red yellow and orange pepper, mushroom, sweet onion, lemon, and limes and a large container of mixed berries with grapes. Whole Foods is so expensive :(. Whole Foods was close-by though and I didn't feel like driving another half mile to Safeway. for the cumin lime chicken kabobs, I cut up everything, I made the veggies separate from the meat, seemed easier alternated veggies on the kabob sticks, then with the chicken I cut up two chicken breasts and put them on two skewers. I mixed the sauce in a Ziploc bag that almost fit my kabob sticks. the sauce was lime juice, olive oil, cumin, and salt. I don't use measuring tools that often. I tasted it and it needed something.. so I added some cilantro and that seemed do the trick. It turned out really good, especially considering I am sick and felt sluggish and poopy, I patted myself on the back.. I also stopped eating my dinner before it was gone which is not normal for me. I was really full and again, I was pretty excited! Sunday I cleaned the kitchen really well, mopped the floor cleaned out the lower cupboards and tried to find homes for everything. Still have some work to do, but I felt pretty accomplished. I had a little fever, so I was sweating almost all day even though I wasn't working very hard.

Today I had some coffee, two egg cups, and am having leftover chicken and veggies for lunch. I felt a little slimmer this weekend.  When I got up this morning I put on some jeans that have been uncomfortably tight around the middle in the past, and they aren't crushing my intestines! They aren't even uncomfortable! I can't believe I've had a NSV already!

I don't know what I am making for dinner yet. probably will grill some Costco chicken sausages and heat up some Trader Joe's frozen grilled zucchini. I still feel sickie so I may not work out tonight but maybe I will do some more squats.

I haven't been dying to eat anything off plan. I think it's probably because I think of something whole30 compliant I want to make for dinner, and then that is what I am focused on all day. Yesterday I turned on Food Network and my BF asked why I was torturing myself.. Watching the show wasn't making me want berry crisps and fresh baked rolls though. I want to be healthy more than I want to eat bread and sugar at this point.

so far so good!

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