Saturday, June 6, 2015

What is happening?


So, just wanted to post an update regarding some things that I have noticed so far.

One. I am sick. I have a bad cold and the symptoms started on day 3 of Whole30. I haven't used a single cough drop or any kind of cold medicine for my symptoms. If I start to have a coughing fit I drink some hot water or tea, and let it pass. the hot water helps a lot. melts the crap in my throat and soothes any itch or tickle. It's not too bad. Only had bad sleep the night before last. Then last night I drank like 3 sips of sleepy time tea, slept through the night and didn't cough once. WHAT? :)

Two. My acne got much better in the beginning, so I stopped taking the antibiotic and stopped using Proactiv and my jawline looks like it was stung by 7 bees. It's horrible. I have two horns growing on my forehead too. So I started taking the antibiotic again, and also using Proactiv twice a day... maybe I can get off these at some point but NOT now..

Three. I wake up refreshed whether I got 5 hours of sleep (not great, I know), or 8 hours. except that time I mentioned in One but I'm going to not count that time.

Four. I feel a little thinner. I feel a little lighter, I feel a little more toned even though I haven't been to the gym since last Thursday. Does coughing work out your abs? No, probably not..
My jeans that used to smash my intestines when I sat down, are now fitting normally with no squishing at all. I think my waist is smaller since I don't remember having one before I started (I know I had one but I feel like my upper back fat basically touched my lower back fat all the time. I might be imagining it but whatever. I feel better.).

Five. I am a becoming a pretty good cook.I can season eggs/chicken/sauce/veggies like a prooooooofessional. I feel like I can figure out what will taste good together..flavor profiles or whatever. Haha I love it.

So this isn't so hard. I made soup the other night because I was feeling lousy from being sick.. it was really good. I put some Coleman spinach Florentine chicken sausages from Costco. I have had that for the last couple nights, and last night I was craving something sweet I had a very small cup of fruit and was satisfied. Plus, what I am making isn't always for other people. last night I cut up some chicken sausage in a small pot with some garlic and olive oil and Trader Joe's spices, basil, etc. and then once they started to smell good, I dumped in a can of diced tomatoes. let that blend together and then ladled some into a bowl and had that for dinner. weird, thoughtless meal. but so delicious. then this morning I got up and realized I left it all on the counter overnight so I can't have leftovers for lunch. :(

So that's what is happening so far...

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