Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 21-25

Day 21-25

The point of this whole30 for me was to reset my body and reset the way I feel and think about food, my relationship with food if you will...

It definitely has.
Yesterday, someone brought in a whole sheet cake for breakfast to share with the office. I walked by it, smelled it from a distance, but was not aching to have a piece like I would have 22 days ago. The only thing I still crave is pizza. hot melty cheese and garlicky bread and marinara sauce... but I can resist it.

I do best diet wise with rules. lots of rules that are pretty straight forward, for me, the NO, NO, NO thing helps, obviously this isn't a forever way of eating, but it works to reset my mindset.
No Grain, No Refined Sugar, No legumes, No Dairy, NO PROCESSED FOODS...

After my 30 days I may do 7 extra days. "Time of the Month" should show up before the end of my 30, and I want to get "real" results, so would like to see if on day 30 I weigh and measure less, then again weigh and measure on day 37 check to see what happened after the extra week.. see if on whole30 I bloat or have hormonal breakouts. Right now, my skin looks awesome. I have 3 or 4 blemishes but they aren't the cystic welt-like-horror-show that I normally would have around this time. I think they may be from the expired MAC sunscreen I used on Saturday, and maybe also sun exposure, or maybe this is what happens when you have a normal amount of hormones in your system, instead of extra from food.

Oh, and I cheated.. I had French fries. Saturday was day 25, and it was Boyfriend and my 5 year anniversary, we went to a waterpark in Washington for the day and then came back into town and went to a dive bar we used to live very close to, and I got a two patty burger with egg, ham, bacon lettuce, onion and tomato (no bun or cheese) They were restaurant French fries, so I don't feel AS guilty as I would if I had eaten a piece of chocolate or some cheese or something. plus we were exhausted and starving.. we walked a LOT on Saturday. that is another reason I want to keep doing this for 7 days. JUST IN CASE the potato, ham and bacon threw me off...? I don't know.. haha.



Sunday, June 7, 2015

If I'm not prepared, I'm not excited.

So yesterday we went to the beach. We stopped at the store to get snacks, I picked up hard boiled eggs and tomatoes, but I couldn't bring myself to buy the eggs because thinking about eating them made me feel.. bleh. if I don't plan my meals out ahead of time, I have noticed that I am hungry but the thought of food is tedious. I had a coffee, and grape tomatoes at the beach and then when we came home I got ready to go out. Last night we went bar hopping with some friends downtown Portland, I needed to eat some protein, but we only had sausages defrosted, or eggs... so I had one chicken sausage that I heated up in the microwave.. bleh...

Saturday, June 6, 2015

What is happening?


So, just wanted to post an update regarding some things that I have noticed so far.

One. I am sick. I have a bad cold and the symptoms started on day 3 of Whole30. I haven't used a single cough drop or any kind of cold medicine for my symptoms. If I start to have a coughing fit I drink some hot water or tea, and let it pass. the hot water helps a lot. melts the crap in my throat and soothes any itch or tickle. It's not too bad. Only had bad sleep the night before last. Then last night I drank like 3 sips of sleepy time tea, slept through the night and didn't cough once. WHAT? :)

Two. My acne got much better in the beginning, so I stopped taking the antibiotic and stopped using Proactiv and my jawline looks like it was stung by 7 bees. It's horrible. I have two horns growing on my forehead too. So I started taking the antibiotic again, and also using Proactiv twice a day... maybe I can get off these at some point but NOT now..

Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 1-6 WholeWhitney

So, I started my whole eating. I want to share some stats.

On Day 1

I am 27 years old.
I weigh 248lbs.
I am 5'7"

Arms: 17.25 in
Waist: 48.42 in
Hips: 41.33 in
Thighs: 33.85 in

I was pretty bad on my first 3 days because I didn't eat breakfast. I had coffee and water in the morning. for lunch I had two eggs and two handfuls of almonds and on Thursday and Friday I had 4 bites of cantaloupe with my lunch.