Sunday, June 7, 2015

If I'm not prepared, I'm not excited.

So yesterday we went to the beach. We stopped at the store to get snacks, I picked up hard boiled eggs and tomatoes, but I couldn't bring myself to buy the eggs because thinking about eating them made me feel.. bleh. if I don't plan my meals out ahead of time, I have noticed that I am hungry but the thought of food is tedious. I had a coffee, and grape tomatoes at the beach and then when we came home I got ready to go out. Last night we went bar hopping with some friends downtown Portland, I needed to eat some protein, but we only had sausages defrosted, or eggs... so I had one chicken sausage that I heated up in the microwave.. bleh...

Then last night I got home and needed to eat.. but still nothing sounded good. I decided to just figure it out.. I cut up an onion ripped up some kale, and cracked two eggs in a hot frying pan with oil and garlic. this happened and I suddenly was ok with eating it all up. then I made two more eggs.

The whole nothing sounds appealing thing is a new one.. I wasn't tempted by other food either, mostly it was just that I wasn't prepared with anything quick so the idea of heating up another sausage didn't sound good to me. I am going to try to be much better about this.

Whole30 isn't about starving yourself... :( so I need to make sure I eat enough.

That's all. ;)

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