Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 0 of my Whole30-? Journey.

Today is May 26, 2015 and I am fat. Not even talking shit about myself it's the truth. I am super out of shape right now. I feel grotesque. So tomorrow, I am starting my first Whole30. It might turn into Whole45 or Whole90 or Whole365. All I know is that everything I am doing right now is not good. I need some serious rules and guidelines to follow strictly.

A primal type lifestyle worked for me before. Two years ago I was Paleo for about 3 months. I lost about 36 lbs and felt amazing! I had clear skin, and no gas or bloating.. haha. gas. I really enjoyed cooking and learned a lot about what to do in the kitchen during those three months. I got tripped up at Christmas time and I would like to blame my first visit to Texas for three weeks and my mom who was showing me all the fat food that Texas has to offer that she had discovered since moving there, "because it's the holidays".
Obviously Texas and my mom didn't force me to eat 30000 carbs and sugars.. that was all me. I did Paleo for three months with ZERO exercise and lost over 35 lbs without being hungry like ever. When I came back from Texas my mindset was I could just eat normally and workout and lose the same amount with the carbs and sugars in my diet.. yeah.. no.

I hate exercising. HATE IT. especially now that I am in horrible shape. let me explain how out of shape I am.